3 lucky Primary 7s attend the Youth Summit

We were invited to take three P7 Pupils to Oban for the Young People’s Summit.  The Scottish Government wanted to engage young people so that they would know what sort of issues concern them.  All of our P7s wanted to go so names had to be drawn in a raffle.  The lucky children had a very interesting day.

See this  video that summaries the event.  https://vimeo.com/139922109

"On Monday 24th August we went to Atlantis Leisure Centre for the Young People’s Summit. There was a wide range of schools there from all over Scotland. There were pupils from P7 to S6. There were people from the Scottish Parliament, including Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Constance. We got into groups and talked about a lot of issues about education and growing up in places like Mull. At one point we got the chance to ask Angela a question. The microphone was brought to our table and Iain asked, “Should our work be more challenging to prepare us for university and college in our future.” She agreed that we should be challenged but also said that we should be ‘cherished’.  We got pictures with Nicola Sturgeon and also got her autograph. It was great."   Iain, Silke and Amy